ABSTRACTS OF COURT ORDERS OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1831-1840, Vol. 4. Compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 1999, limited edition, 206 pages including 29 pages of every-name index. soft-bound. This book has references to soldiers of the Revolutionary War who applied for pensions, road workers, viewers and surveyors, those paid for kiling wolves and foxes, those in the militia or local govenment, wills and appraisals, and orphaned children who were bound out to trades. In addition there are references to Free Persons of Color and to the fire, which destroyed much of the county seat, then called Evansham. Smyth County was formed in 1832 and Pulaski in 1839, thus eliminating their records as of those dates. Bland County continued to be part of Wythe until 1861.

IN VA: $23.45    OUT OF STATE: $22.50

ABSTRACTS OF COURT ORDERS OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1841-1850, Vol. 5. Compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 2000, 182 pages including 29 pages of every-name index. Limited edition. soft-bound. The last in the series provides names of executors and administrators of the estates of the deceased. Two of the county's notable ministers, Casper Yost, a Methodist, and John Stanger, Lutheran, were included among the estates mentioned. Register of Free Negroes were referred to with the names of those who were free. Children who were poor or orphaned were often noticed as they became apprentices to local craftsman or had guardians appointed. The Southwest Turnpike was mentioned. Officers of the court and the militia are regularly named. Most of Bland county is included in these records.

IN VA: $30.83  OUT OF STATE: $29.50

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