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I LIKE MOLLY TYNES WHETHER SHE RODE OR NOT, and twenty-five other tall tales and cherished myths. By Mary B. Kegley, 2003, 72 pages, 157 footnotes, limited edition, soft-bound.
Molly's story of "saving Wytheville" in the Civil War is the feature of this book, but other tall tales and cherished myths are also explored on topics including Wytheville, George Wythe, slaves during the Civil War, Shot Tower, Lead Mines, Fincastle Resolutions, Fort Chiswell, Rural Retreat, Mount Airy, Drapers Meadow Massacre, Log Houses, Kilmacrenan, David Pierce, Zion Lutheran Church, Dr. John Haller, David Graham, Patton and Preston, Hungry Mother Park, New River, Tombstone inscriptions, the Kegley Family, the Presbyterian Church Bell, the St. John's Lutheran Church Organ and the Wilderness Road.
IN VA: $11.98     OUT OF STATE: $11.50

COUNTY COURTHOUSES OF VIRGINIA, OLD AND NEW by Mary Kegley Bucklen and Larrie L. Bucklen. 115 pages, 101 maps, 122 black and white photos of persent county courthouses. More than 50 photos/illustrations of courthouses of the past. Ten of Virginia's finest in full color. Sketches of log, frame, stone, and brick courthouse with notes on architects and builders. Bibliography, index.

IN VA: $20.30      OUT OF STATE: $19.50

REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION APPLICATIONS OF SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA SOLDIERS. Compiled and edited by Mary B. Kegley, 1997, 361 pages, bibliography, soft bound, every name index.

This publication contains information from 374 pension applications of soldiers who had some connection to Southwest Virginia during or after the Revolutionary War. The area includes the counties of Montgomery, Carroll, Floyd, Giles, Grayson, Smyth, Wythe, Washington, Lee, Scott, Russell and Tazewell. The records come from the National Archives, the county court order books, legislative petitions, loose papers, family and published sources. Almost all applicants give place and date of birth and places where they had lived at the time of enlistment and since the end of the war. Affidavits from friends and neighbors who served with the soldiers or knew them later are included and often give the only source for their service. 

IN VA: $47.12     OUT OF STATE: $45.00


REVOLUTIONARY WAR PATRIOTS OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA AND THEIR LOCAL BURIAL PLACES by Mary B. Kegley. An alphabetical listing of 53 patriots of Wythe County with 27 illustrations. Each one has a short sketch. Color cover, end notes, bibliography. IN VIRGINIA: $19.30 OUT OF STATE: $18.50. Shipping and tax where applicable are included in the price.

SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA TAX ASSESSMENTS, 1815, GRAYSON, LEE, SCOTT, RUSSELL, WASHINGTON AND WYTHE COUNTIES and SUPPLEMENT, compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 1991, reprint 2003, 166 pages, soft-bound, indexed, illustrated.

In this collection, more than 1,600 individual tax assessment tickets have been abstracted. Each one usually gave the location of the farms, number of acres, and the number of individual buildings with the size and whether log, wood or brick, total value of the land and slaves (if any) was given. Supplement: Abstracts for 1992, 39 pages.

IN VA: $36.09     OUT OF STATE: $34.50
Pioneers of The Virginia Bluegrass by George B. Gose was compiled and published in the 1960s with at least twenty-five major families of Southwest Virginia, each with its own separate index. Mr. Gose included genealogical information from church and cemetery records as well as court and family records. In 2007 Mary B. Kegley has made corrections and added numerous family sketches, added a bibliography and reprinted the book with one new complete index. The book has 460 pages, and measures 6 x 9 inches. It is hard bound in a wine-colored linen cover.
            Some of the major families included in this classic publication are: Gose, Peery, Brown, Crute, Crabtree, Foglesong, Fox, Groseclose, Huddle, Jones, Catron, Legrand, Litz, Mahood, Michaux, Repasss, Rhudy, Rosenbaum, Sluss, Spangler, Spraker, Thompson, Wilson, Woolwine and Yost. Many of these families can be found in Wythe, Bland and Tazewell counties in Virginia. Many lesser known families are included.
            The index lists women under their married names as well as their maiden names, when given. Geographic locations such as cities, counties and states are also included.
            IN VIRGINIA: $35.09 OUT OF STATE: 33.50  

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