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Wythe County, Virginia, Deed Abstracts, Book 1, 1A and 2, 1790-1800, compiled by Janie Dillon and Mary B. Kegley, 2009.

Soft bound, 92 pages, indexed, 800 documents were abstraced from 1,035 pages found in the deed books as well as from deeds and other documents left at the courthouse, some never recorded.

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Wythe County, Virginia, Deed Abstracts, 1800-1810 and Survey Abstracts 1792-1808, compiled by Janie Dillon and Mary B. Kegley, 2012


            Picking up where the last publication about deeds ended the compilers abstracted information from 1143 pages of Deed Books 3 and 4 and part of Book 5, bringing the ending date through 1810. In addition Volume 2 of Wythe County Surveys with 279 pages was abstracted resulting in a publication with a total of 152 pages, including index.

In some cases, several original documents were found but never entered into the deed books. In addition to deeds (or indentures as many of them were then called) and related documents, there were a few bonds, a couple of estates mentioned, maintenance agreements, several powers of attorney and several pages relating to Negroes.

            In preparing the information for publication, no metes and bounds descriptions are given and most of the standard legalese has been omitted. The date of the deed and the date of the recordation (sometimes years later) are given with the book and page numbers where they can be found. In a few situations, the original deed was not given to the buyer and was stored at the courthouse with an annotation to that effect in this book.

            Also included in this abstract are the number of acres, the purchase price (sometimes in dollars and sometimes in pounds), adjoining owners, and any marginal notes which were put in the deed book, usually by the clerk or his deputy. As a result, we found their names: J.T. Fishback, Fleming Trigg, J.R. Nye, J.P. Mathews, J.R. Miller, James E. Brown, and an a formerly unidentified person with the initials TRW who proved to be Turner R. Whitlock. These are not included in the index.

            The deeds named the wifeif the man was marriedand often his children, either when he was alive or after his death. They name the locations where the family might have lived such as Reed Creek, Cripple Creek, or the Town of Evansham known in early days as the Wythe Court House. If the owner sold the land after moving to another location, these places were noted and indexed. The names of witnesses were usually associates, family or friends, people who knew the sellers of the land, sometimes provided names of other family members. These are also included in the record and the index.

            The surveys refer to treasury warrants and entries most of them with dates. This information is also included. Plats may be found in Survey Book 2.

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Finding Their way from the Great Road to the Wilderness Road, 1745-1796, by Mary B. Kegley, 2008. More than 80 illustrations including maps, photos (ten in color) and other documentation to show that Virginia had two major migration paths, the Great Road from Philadelphia to Long Island of Holston and the Wilderness Road through what is now Scott and Lee counties into Kentucky. A lengthy bibliography and 285 footnotes included., Color cover.


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