GLIMPSES OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA. Compiled by Mary B. Kegley. Included articles published in "Kegley's Corner" in the Southwest Virginia Enterprise, 1983-1985. Iron furnace history, mills, Civil War, etc., as well as many articles providing family history on Dr. John Haller, Moses Austin, the Jackson family, Jesse Evans, David Pierce, David Graham, William Herbert, the Steffeys, the Bralleys, the Straws, the Kegleys, the Grubbs, the Chaneys, the Lamberts, the Repasses, John Adams, the Seagles, and more. Photographs and index. Hard bound with dust jacket with a map of the county.

IN VA: $25.56      OUT OF STATE: $24.50

GLIMPSES OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGNIA, Vol. 2. Compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 1988, 220 pages, illustrated, index, soft-bound. Includes articles published in "Kegley's Corner" in the Southwest Virginia Enterprise, December 1985-December 1987. Also articles from the Wythe County Historical Review, and reprint of the out of print booklet, New River Tithables, 1770-1773 by Mary B. Kegley. New material includes documented article on two Henry Umbergers. Other authors include W. R.Chitwood, M.D., Mrs. W. R. Chitwood, Mrs. Agnes Riley, and John Johnson. Family names include Ribble, McGavock, Umberger, Newell, Montgomery, Huddle, J.E.B. Stuart, Francis, Dean, Monroe, Sayers, Ramsey, Birch, Lewis Miller, Clark, Henley, Foglesong, Frisbie, Crockett (James and Andrew), Toncray, Holston, Ewing, and Christopher Simmerman.

IN VA: $20.30      OUT OF STATE: $19.50

A FAMILY ALBUM OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA. By Mary B. Kegley. A collection of 201 photographs of people in Wythe County. Most are from the 1880s and early 1900s. Reproduced from tintypes, portraits, studio photos, and daguerreotypes. Many pictures include more than one person.

IN VA: $20.30     OUT OF STATE: $19.50

STILL ANOTHER ALBUM OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA. A collection of photographs and drawings of schools, churches, homes, barns, inns, towns, etc. compiled by W. R. Chitwood and Mary B. Kegley. 144 photographs, but no duplication of earlier albums now out of print.

IN VA: $20.30      OUT OF STATE: $19.50

WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, A BICENTENNIAL HISTORY. by Mary B. Kegley. 549 pages, more than 200 illustrations, bibliography, extensive index. Seal of the county in full color on the cover. Contains references to hundreds of lawsuits, Town Minutes, Board of Supervisors' records, early newspapers, and military records. Topical history with chapters on Archeology, Business, Industry, Religion, Education, Black History, Civil War, Spanish American War, Formation and Development of the county and much more. A must for researchers of Wythe County history.

IN VA: $59.65     OUT OF STATE: $57.00

ABSTRACTS OF SCHOOL RECORDS OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1849-1861. Compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 2000. 179 pages, including 60 pages of every-name index with more than 6,000 names, many with multiple entries. Limited edition. soft-bound. More than 1000 documents filed by teachers with the Overseers of the Poor were abstracted to provide genealogical information for the researcher including names of the children, their ages, and names of parents or guardians. Also includes names of the Commissioners of the Poor and the teachers. Area covers what is now Wythe and Bland Counties.

IN VA: $30.88     OUT OF STATE: $29.50

THE LOST CHIILDREN OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1790-1878, POOR SCHOOL CHILDREN, ORPHANS, AND APPRENTICES FROM COUNTY RECORDS. Compiled by Mary B. Kegley, 1995, 256 pages, soft-bound, index, bibliography, illustrations, 729 footnotes. School records, 1832-1850 give age and names of parents/guardians under various circumstances. Apprenticeship bonds, 1820-1878, parents, trades, master and overseers of the poor mentioned.

IN VA: $36.09      OUT OF STATE: $34.50

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