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Early Adventures on the Western Waters Series

EARLY ADVENTURERS ON THE WESTERN WATERS, Vol. 1. The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745-1800, by Mary B. Kegley and F. B. Kegley, published 1980. 456 pages, indexed, illustrated, cloth-bound with maps and bibliography.

A comprehensive work on the early settlers of the New River, using original records of Augusta, Botetourt, Fincastle, and Montgomery counties. Family sketches number 48 for the Blacksburg-Christiansburg area of Montgomery County, and for the Radford-Dunkard Bottom area of Montgomery and Pulaski counties, 24. They inlcude the following: Bane, Barger, Beard, Billups, John Bingamin, Black, Boles, Broce, Buchanan, Byrn, Chrisman, Conrad, Craig, Crewey, Draper, Elswick, Gresham, Harless, Harman, Haven, Hornbarger, Keister, Kinzer, Kipps, Linkous, Lorton, McCoy, McDonald, McGee, McMullen, Martin, Peterson, Poppicover (Cofer), Preston, Price, Ribble, Ritchie, Shell, Smelser, Sperry, Stephens, Surface, Taylor, Abram Trigg, Vickers, Wall, Westcoat, Wood, Bell, Henry Bingamin, Carty (Carter), Cassidy, Charlton, Christian, Thomas Cloyd, John, Ninian and Samuel Cloyd, Gardner, Grayson, Grills, Ingles, McCorkle, Penner, Reilly, Rife, Sallust, Skaggs, Thompson, Daniel Trigg, Stephen Trigg, Whitt, and Wiley. Thousands of lesser-known families mentioned.

EARLY ADVENTURERS ON THE WESTERN WATERS: The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745-1800, Vol. 2. By Mary B. Kegley, 1982, limited edition reprint, 2003, 515 pages containing marriage records of Montgomery County, 1777-1830, Commissioners' Certificates for land records of Montgomery County, lawsuits, wills, deeds, tax lists and other court records. There are 47 photos, 13 maps and 19 other illustrations. Bibliography and complete index, cloth bound.
This is the companion book to Volume 1 and is a comprehensive work on the early settlers of the New River with emphasis on present Pulaski County. There are 64 family sketches representing the founding families in that location, including Addair, Anderson, Birch, Bish, Brown, Caddall, Carper, Cecil, Joseph and Gordon Cloyd, Crouch, Crow, Currin, Eaton, Goldman, Guthrie, Hance, Hevner, Hickman, Hoge, Howe, Hudson, Ingram, Mairs, Edward and Nathaniel Morgan, Patton, Pepper, Pickens, Shufflebarger, Sifford, Starn, Stobaugh, Swope, Taylor, Thompson, Trinkle, Trollinger, Waggoner, Williamson, Wygal, Wysor, Alford, Allison, Boyd, Andrew, James and Samuel Crockett, Drake, Draper, Edwards, Feely, Flora, Foster, Galbraith, Honaker, Montgomery, Morehead, Patrick, Runner, Russell, William and John Thompson Sayers and Shepherd. Thousands of lesser known connecting lines.
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EARLY ADVENTURERS ON THE WESTERN WATERS, Vol. 3, The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745-1805. Written by Mary B. Kegley, 929 pages, indexed, illustrated, cloth-bound in two parts, with maps and bibliography.
A comprehensive work on the early settlers of the New River using original records. The focus is on the lead mines, Cripple Creek, Fort Chiswell, Crockettt's Cove and Reed Creek areas east of Wytheville. Land records cover more than 180 pages, and abstracts of court orders of Wythe County, never before published, will provide new genealogical information for researchers. 124 family sketches inlcude Austin, Baxter, Bell, Bralley, Carter, Castle, Chiswell, Crockett, Devereaux, Evans, Forbush, Frisbie, Herbert, Jackson, Jenkins, Jones, Kincannon, Lockett, Lyons, Muse, Newell, Peirce, Raper, Rogers, Ross, Sanders, Sayers, Walton, Welshire, Williams, Bebber, Campbell, Catron, Chatwell, Carr (Kerr), Chaney, Cook, Danner, Davis, Dean, Douglas, Dutton, Earhart, Eller, Ewing, Fisher, Francis, Fry, Gannaway, Gleaves, Gose, Henley, Hines, Horn, Huddle, Huffman, Lease, Love, Newland, Noble, Nuckolls, Oats, Patton, Painter, Percival, Porter, Reagh, Rosenbaum, Rutherford, Sanders, Smyth, Spangler, Spraker, Stanger, Swecker, Vaught, Ward, Worley, Adams, Armbrister, Cove Bakers, River Bakers, Bishop, Breckenridge, Calhoun, Carter, Cassell, Clark, Cooley, Craig, Cranston, Crockett, Dougherty, Finley, Friel, Glasgow, Graham, Halsey, Hart, Heldreth, Holston, Keesling, Kent, McCaul, McGavock, Miller, Montgomery, Murphy, Noble, Patterson, Pinkly, Quirk, Rader, Ramsey, Reeder, Sayers, Seybert, Shaffer, Shilliday, Simmerman, Smith, Smyth, Sprinkle, Toncray, Vance, Yerion. Thousands of lesser known connecting lines.
EARLY ADVENTURERS IN THE TOWN OF EVANSHAM, THE COUNTY SEAT OF WYTHE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1790-1839, Vol. 4 in the Early Adventurers series, by Mary B. Kegley, 1998, 416 pages, cloth-bound, indexed, bibliography, illustrated and an 1839-map of the town included.
A comprehensive work on the early settlers of the Town of Evansham from its beginning until the time of the big fire in 1838. The name changed to Wytheville in 1839. Deeds, wills, court orders, lawsuits, coroners' reports, tax records and family data provide information for 152 families. Signatures of 145 persons and occupations and trades, if known, are included. The families mentioned include: Allen, Andruss (Andrews), Armstrong, Baldwin, Barron, Baxter, Bevill, Boyd, Brown, Butler, Chapman, Cook, Crockett, Crouse, Currie, Davis, Decker, Dillman, Draper, Drope, Dulaney, Early, Elbon, Engledove (Ingledove), Evans, Ewald, Fanning, Fishback, Fisher, Flournoy, Floyd, Foster, Friel, Fullen, Fulton, Gibboney, Gragg, Green, Haller, Hay, Henderson, Henning, Hieronymous, Hoback, Holston, Hoofnagle, Hoppess, Huffard, Johnston, Kegley, Kent, Kinder, Lane, Leedy, Leftwich, Lehue, Lindenbarger, Maddox, Marshall, Mathews, Mayse, Miller, Minick, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Moyers, McCamant, McCampbell, McComas, McFarlane, McGavock, McKee, Neighbors, Nunn, Nye, Oury, Pardee, Pattison, Perrin, Phelps, Piper, Rader, Reed, Reeder, Reddick, Rich, Rider, Riggle, Robinson, Saftly, Seagle, Seavers,Sexton, Sharitz, Sheffey, Shores, Sikes, Simmerman, Smith, Smyth, Steele, Stockley, Straw, St. Clair, Spence, Spiller, Tate, Toncray, Trigg, Walker, Wampler, Ward,Warner, Watson, Whitman, Williams, Wills, Wilson,Wirt, Wisman, Wolfenberger, Wolford, Wright. There are hundreds of lesser-known families mentioned.
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EARLY ADVENTURERS ON THE WESTERN WATERS, The New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745-1820, Vol. 5, by Mary B. Kegley, 2004 limited edition, 761 pages, more than 150 illustrations (photos, maps, tracings of original records), bibliography, more than 15,000 names in the detailed index, cloth-bound. This is a comprehensive work on the early settlers of the New River with emphasis on the west end of Wythe County where more than ninety percent of the settlers were German-speaking.
Land records from Augusta, Fincastle, Botetourt, Montgomery and Wythe counties for South Fork of Reed Creek, Black Lick, and St. John's Communities are included. The wills found in Wythe County Book 2, (1809-1822) have been abstracted, and Marriages of Wythe County (1790-1826) from various sources bring new information. Some new school records for the years 1830 and 1832 were also added.
This book contains 70 family sketches for South Fork, including Adam Baugh, Blessing, Boyd, Robert Buchanan, Nicholas Cline, Sr., Copenhaver, Cormany, Corvin, Cowden, Michael Crigger of Elk Pond, Michael Crigger of Stage Road, Michael Crigger of Pine Run, other Criggers, Peter Crigger of South Fork, Peter Crigger of Cripple Creek, Jacob Creager, Deckard, Peter and John Etter, James Finley, other Finleys, Charles Fullen, Grubb, Helvey, Hillenberg, Hilton, Hounshell, Ingledove, David and Palser Johnson, Patrick Johnston, Christopher Kettering, Sr., Jacob Kettering, the blacksmith, Jacob Kettering, the miller, Michael Kettering, Kinder, Philip Kinder, John and William King, Kinser, Knipp, Lambert, Litz, Mease, Messersmith, Martin Miller, Peter Moyers, Michael Neff, Phillippi, Phipps, Abraham, Sr., Jacob, Martin, Christian, and Valentine Staley, John, Michael Sr., Peter and Henry Steffey, Leonard Straw, George Tawney, Sr. and Jr., Umberger, Venerick, Waggoner, Walters, Wamplers, Weaver, Wetzell, Daniel and Peter Wiseley.
Those found in the Black Lick and St. John's Communities include 67 sketches for Able, Baugh, Baumgardner, Christopher, Michael, Andrew, and Michael (son of Michael and Anna) Brown, Michael and Nicholas Cassell, George Davis, Doak, Captains Robert and William Doak, Dobler, Dutton, Daniel Etter, Felty, Flohr, Foglesong, Gordon, Gressel, Gullion, Harkrader, Hedrick, Hoppess, Huddle, John George, Sr., Anna Catherine, George, Jr., Lewis, Christian, Martin and John (Johannes) Kegley, Lawrence Kettering, Kimberling, Jacob and George Kinder, Krone, Leedy, Lindamood, Robert and John McFarland, Peter Musser, and two John Mussers, Nowell, Pruner, Repass, Roush, Sharitz, Peter, Jacob, John, and Adam Snavely, Swallow, Nicholas, Peter, Jacob, and Baltzer Tarter, Thompson, Henry Umbarger of Rose Hill, other Umbargers, Philip Umbarger, Walker, Ward, Nicholas and Martin Wyrick, Sr., Yonce, and George Frederick Yontz.
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