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 For more many years, Kegley Books has provided resources for genealogists, researchers, and historians interested in Southwest Virginia families. Over the years, 65 books have been written describing the lives of the early adventurers, primarily from the beginning of the settlement of this area in 1745 through 1850. Several books have been compiled with others.

Early Settlements in Southwest Virginia

The European settlement of Southwest Virgina began in the mid-1700's by settlers in search of inexpensive land. German-speaking adventurers joined the early Scotch-Irish settlers and found rolling hills, abundant springs and verdant grazing land. They settled the tracts along the New, Holston, and Clinch Rivers and their branches beginning in 1745. What is now Wythe County was a key location in the settlement of this area. English workmen began to arrive in the 1760s to operate the famous lead mines.

Publications of Kegley Books

Descendants of the Pennsylvania immigrants from Germany and Switzerland, Northern Ireland and England can find extensive and fascinating resources for research about their ancestors through KEGLEY BOOKS. All of these books were published in limited editions. While not all are still in print, most are available in major libraries of the United States. For the historian and researcher, for the genealogy buff, and for those whose sentiments and curiosities lie with the generations who settled in and loved these valleys, KEGLEY BOOKS is your resource.

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Early Adventurers Series

Genealogist and historian Mary Kegley has chronicled the lives of the early settlers in a series of books called Early Adventurers. The first three volumes show the particular geographic locations on the Western Waters where the early settlers made their homes. The fourth volume deals specifically with the Town of Evansham, the county seat of Wythe County,Virginia, from its beginning in 1790 to 1839, when the name was changed to Wytheville. The fifth volume (published in 2004) concludes the series and highlights the German-speaking settlers in the area west and north of Wytheville in what is now Wythe County.

please note: Volume 1 and vol. 3 are now out of print. No reprints are anticipated.  

Wythe County, Virginia

A number of publications highlight specifics of Wythe County history. The major work, rich in detail and meticulously researched, is Wythe County: A Bicentennial History, a topical description of the development of Wythe County from its beginning through its 200th anniversary. Lutheran baptismal records can be found in publications about St. John's, Kimberling, Zion, and St. Paul churches. Details of orphans, apprentices and poor school children are documented in Lost Children of Wythe County and in Abstracts of School Records of Wythe County. Court records were abstracted in five volumes of Abstracts of Court Orders of Wythe County. Volumes one and two of Glimpses of Wythe County, a collection of articles from a variety of sources, give insights into the history of Wythe County.

Tax Records

Providing information about land and/or personal property ownership, four publications chronicle the tax records of Southwest Virginia residents. New River Tithables, 1770-1773, documents the names and personal property of the taxpayers who settled along the New River in what is now Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski, Wythe, Grayson, Carroll, and Bland counties, and parts of Tazewell, Floyd, and Smyth counties. The Tax List of Montgomery County, Virginia, 1782 names the owners of personal property and real estate in what was then Montgomery County for that year. In 1815, tax assessments not only show the location and acreage of the farms, but also the owners of individual buildings, many with measurements. This information was published in Southwest Virginia Tax Assessments, 1815 ,Grayson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Washington, and Wythe Counties and its supplement.

Photo Albums

Four photo albums present family portraits of early Southwest Virginians and their homes, barns, schools, and churches. Courthouses of Virginia offers the history and photographs of all the state's 100 county courthouses, old and new.

Military Records

Military records are provided in three of Kegley's books: The Soldiers of Fincastle County, The Militia of Montgomery County, and The Revolutionary War Pension Applications of Southwest Virgina Soldiers.

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